Transportable Steel Tanks

Sirius Steel Tanks supplies traditional style tanks of the highest quality guaranteed by using AQUAPLATE® polymer-coated steel. Round tanks are available in sizes ranging from 500 to 22,500 litres. Sirius has a large range of standard sizes but can also make tanks to dimensions specified by the customer - perfect for replacement tanks.

AQUAPLATE® steel has been developed by BlueScope Steel especially for water tanks. It has a food grade polymer skin bonded to its inner surface which helps ensure that your water tastes clean and fresh - free from any tainting from the tank itself. It's for this reason that a tank made from AQUAPLATE® steel stands out from the rest. AQUAPLATE® is backed by a 20 year warranty from BlueScope Steel.

A tank made from AQUAPLATE® steel is the only steel tank to comply with tough Australian Standard on the use of plastic materials for food contact use (AS 2070 part 2).

All sizes of tank are available in galvanised external finish or in a selection of Colorbond colours.

You get all the advantages of a material that is strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable. It won't crack as a result of aging or sun exposure, and it's the ideal choice for bushfire-prone locations.

Colorbond Corrugated Steel Water Tanks
Rainwater Tank 9000 L
Outlet with Ball Valve
Water Tanks must be tied down until filled
Replacement tank custom made to match
Water tank custom made to fit available space

Round Tanks
Round Tanks