Solid Geoflex Liner

Solid GeoFlex™ Liner

The GeoFlex™ liner used to retain water is a highly flexible form of the same base material found in today’s car bumpers & side mouldings. In addition to its outstanding toughness, the GeoFlex™ liner has many other important characteristics that make it ideally suitable for water tank applications.

AS/NZS 4020:2005 approved for use in contact with Drinking Water

GeoFlex™ meets all Government requirements for contact with drinking water both here in Australia & overseas. Many other products leach their plasticiser over time causing the water to be contaminated. GeoFlex™ does not have a plasticiser, therefore it does not leach anything into the water. This means your water is kept clean & free from contamination.

700% Elongation at Break (ASTM D638)

GeoFlex™ ability to stretch 700% before breaking ensures it can easily cope with moulding itself to the contours on the ground, on the wall and even over the heads of the bolts holding the tank together. Not having a plasticiser to leach out means that the GeoFlex™ will never become brittle ensuring it retains its flexibility indefinitely. It is better to allow for movement rather than trying to constrain it. The liner experiences constant changes in pressure as the water moves up and down and presses the liner hard against the steel. Loose above the water line, tight underneath it. This line constantly alters.

Fatigue resistance

Other Poly lined steel tank companies promote reinforced liners in their tanks. These so called reinforced liners can be more accurately described as plastic coated fabrics which in most cases are much cheaper than a solid GeoFlex™ liner because 80% of their thickness is made up of an inexpensive woven fabric which serves no purpose in retaining water. Fibres are susceptible to what is known as fatigue fracturing. Much like a wire coat hanger, if it is bent back and forth enough times it will break.

A liner inside a tank can fold on itself hundreds of times as the tank fills, then unfold as the tank empties.