Optional Accessories


Rainsaver Collection System

All Lined tanks are supplied with corrugated roofing sheets (unless otherwise requested). This enables us to offer a unique water catchment system for the roof of the water tank. Patented “Rainsaver” caps are placed at the end of each corrugation longer than 3 meters in length to catch the water off the tank.

This system can increase your catchment area by over 100 sqmtrs (based on the AM3G607 series). In a 500mm (20”) per annum rainfall area this means an extra 62,000-litres (13,700-gallons) of  precious rainwater which would otherwise go to waste.

Dust & Vermin Protection

We can protect your stored water from dust, insects, frogs etc by installing a specially formulated self adhesive soft foam strip between the top of the tank wall & under the corrugated roof  sheets. This simple but effective option helps insure your precious water is kept clean & pure.

Bolt Cover Fascias 

Aquamate can enhance the look of your tank with custom made fascias that run vertically up the tank wall hiding all evidence of the galvanised bolts protruding from the tank.


Roof Fascia 

Aquamate can install a fascia all round the roof to protect tall animals (eg horses) from cutting themselves on the edge of the roofing iron. It also enhances the look of your tank.


Coloured Roof

A Colorbond roof can be fitted to a Galvanised tank.