CFA Fire Tanks

We can supply a range of Corrugated steel water tanks to meet the requirements for building a residence in an area covered by a Bushfire Management Overlay. This is only applicable in Victoria - other states have different requirements.

If you build in a Bushfire Management Overlay area, you are required to have a supply of water dedicated for fire fighting use. Read our Guide to CFA Fire Tanks for a summary of the requirements. The water must be in a steel or concrete above ground tank. Plastic tanks are not acceptable. Dams, swimming pools, creeks are generally not acceptable sources of water.

We can supply round or slimline tanks with the neccessary fittings. Our tanks are manufactured from Bluescope Aquaplate steel and are compatible with all roofing materials. Our tanks have a 10 year manufacturer's warranty and the Aquaplate steel has a 20 year material warranty.

If you catch rainwater for domestic use, consider installing a larger tank that can be split for fire and domestic purposes. This is achieved by installing the fire fittings at the bottom of the tank and the domestic outlet at an elevated level calculated to leave a reserve for fire fighting.


Guide to CFA Fire Tanks
Guide to CFA Fire Tanks